Multiplexing Sovereign Horseboxes

posted on: Mar 12 2013 in Case Studies, Vehicle

Craftsmanship, experience and attention to detail is evident in every Sovereign Horsebox built, with each vehicle being designed to a customer’s exact requirements.

A long standing customer of E-Plex technology, Sovereign have now built over 22 horseboxes using the multiplexing technology to deliver high end technology to their discerning customers.

Working alongside Sovereign, Energy Solutions design and configure the E-Plex monitoring and control systems to incorporate new box designs, customer requests and new on board technology.  Every system is semi-custom built to ensure it fits the customer’s requirements exactly. The system is then supplied to Sovereign to install as best suits them within their build program.

Within the horseboxes the E-Plex system controls the majority of the domestic power requirements via the main control panel, and via the remote iPad control. The control panels have numerous screens, all branded as needed, and allow pre-programming and on-going monitoring of all elements of the system.

A typical Sovereign system monitors and controls:

  • Generator with autostart and silent period control
  • Batteries
  • Victron Quattro
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Tank levels
  • Fuel level
  • Ventilation Fans   
  • Awning
  • Slideouts

“E-Plex brings intelligent controls and resource saving functions into each Sovereign Horsebox. This gives owners the total control when they are out on the road via the intuitive touch screen panels. Whether they want silent periods with no generator noise or to keep an eye of water levels this can all be done via the fixed or remote control panels.”

Dan Cox, Energy Solutions

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