Multinational Social Media Company have EasyGrid installed on new site in Ireland

posted on: Jan 07 2019 in Case Studies, Hybrid, Off grid, Industrial


EasyGrid 3000 Hybrid Power Case Study

We have many enquiries from plant hire firms that wish to help clients reduce generator running costs on site. The ongoing diesel costs for a generator running 24/7 can be substantial and our EasyGrid units are ideal in these situations.

In this instance the enquiry was for a site was being developed for a multinational social media company setting up its European data centre in Ireland. During the construction phase the site has a requirement for a generator to run a permanent 24/7 supply for a mains water meter and the contractor was keen to keep running costs for this necessity to a minimum. They contacted Energy Solutions who looked at the system and recommended the EasyGrid 3000 to run alongside the generator. This allowed the firm to run the loads for the majority of time from the EasyGrid battery bank, with the generator only having to run to recharge the unit. From the online monitoring portal, we can see that since installation, the generator has only ran for 2% of the time – a significant saving in fuel costs with the added benefit of silent power.



The EasyGrid system has been in place since mid 2018 and will be removed once construction is complete in 2021. The unit is currently under a hire agreement from Hire2K Plant and Tool Hire with Mace, a U.K. company involved in the construction and project management, who are very happy with its operation and cost saving.


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