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posted on: Aug 20 2018 in Marine


M844LW3, 20 kW (60 Hz, 1800 rpm), 16 kW (50 Hz, 1500 rpm)

With their high quality, reliable and robust reputation Northern Lights are the generators of choice for those undertaking more challenging voyages. The M844LW3 generator from  Northern lights is a popular mid-range marine generator suitable for vessels around 60-80ft  that rely on their generator power - such as larger sailing yachts and barges.



A firm favourite with blue water sailing yachts, this model can run a hydraulic pump allowing electrically actuated power take off for operating winches and other onboard aids - perfect for racing.


Model Options
As with all Northern Lights gensets there are model options for both European and US specification boats, and a popular addition is the sound enclosure (shown below) which allows easy access for servicing.

View the M844LW3 Datasheet



To aid owners and users Northern Lights run regular training courses at their Head Office in Seattle, USA which allows students to gain first hand knowledge of marine diesel engines, systems, proper operation and routine maintenance. The course covers how to diagnose and resolve the most common mechanical and electrical challenges encountered when cruising.

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