Kookie Kennels, Scotland, Off Grid System

posted on: Nov 12 2015 in Case Studies, Off grid

Providing power for a caravan, kennel business  development and future dwelling

Making the move to a new way of life and work is a dream for many, and for clients, John and Lesley has just become an exciting reality. The couple moved out of their house 2 years ago and their plan was to live a more rural, sustainable life. They moved to their new plot with the aim to set up a 30 space dog kennels as their business and to enjoy their outdoor interests.

As with so many cases, the grid connection to the site proved to be too expensive so they opted for an off grid lifestyle. There were no existing buildings to house a generator or any other equipment so with consultation with Jamie at Alternative Engineering they opted for an Energy Solutions’ containerised system; incorporating all the equipment and fuel storage in a single unit.

Lesley explains their choices:  “It has long been a dream of ours to run our own dog boarding kennels and a few years ago we decided to try to make it a reality. After a long search we finally found a suitable area of land but unfortunately although we have reasonably close neighbours we couldn’t get permission to use the nearest electricity supply. Therefore we needed to go off grid and find an experienced supplier.

We did an internet search and found Energy Solutions and their distributor in Scotland; Alternative Engineering. As Jamie is based in Scotland and obviously had plenty of off grid experience we called him for some advice. He was incredibly helpful over the phone and basically we decided there and then to ask him to help with our project.”

The installation itself was relatively seamless, Jamie was really thorough before he visited us and made sure we discussed everything prior to the installation.”

The couple are delighted to now be off grid. With the off grid system, although they still have fuel bills and future maintenance costs, with careful use and implementation of renewables it will still work out cheaper than a grid connection. In addition they won’t get any more power cuts, something they have become quite used to in the areas over the past few years!

The system has been designed to accommodate renewables and a large solar array will be added to the system once the kennels have been built, the kennel roof will be used to mount the panels. In the meantime the generator is running the caravan and allowing the clients to get their business up and running.


  • 8ft Containerised System with:
  • Integral 1000L bunded fuel tank
  • 10Kva autostart Generator
  • Victron Quattro
  •  2 Volt Gel Batteries
  • DC Link Box with Battery Monitor

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