Knotting Hill Barn House – Off Grid Luxury Holiday Accommodation

posted on: Jun 21 2019 in Case Studies, Off grid


EasyGrid 3000Li Off Grid Power System

This picturesque cabin, Knotting Hill Barn House, is located in the beautiful countryside of Leicestershire between the villages of Ashby Folville and Great Dalby. Available for short breaks and holidays, the cabin offers a secluded break from busy schedules for guests - giving them the chance to be off grid but still connected and with all the luxuries you would expect from a high end experience.



Owner Peter Moore has been delighted with the response to the cabin with 2019 already busy with bookings but providing power for the property was not as straightforward as he had initially hoped. When the quote for a mains connection initially came in at over £30,000 Peter knew he had to look for an alternative solution. 

“Although we wanted to offer an off grid location, we also needed the cabin to offer all the facilities people would look for on a luxury stay, and that definitely incudes electricity. Getting a mains connection to the woodland wasn’t feasible and when we started speaking to Energy Solutions we knew the EasyGrid was the answer we were looking for.” 



The team at Energy discussed in depth with Peter the  current and future demands from the unit and it was decided that an EasyGrid 3000 Lithium provided a good solution – with excellent charging times and the ability to connect to a solar array to benefit from free power during the busy peak months. The solar panels have been installed on the cabin roof with the EasyGrid located just outside the property. Although only running for on average 5% of the time, the generator has been located 75 metres from the cabin to reduce running noise for guests as much as possible.



Off Grid System:

  • EasyGrid 3000 Lithium
  • 4kW Solar Array with string combiner box
  • JCB G13QX Diesel Generator

The cabin runs heating and cooking on gas with highly efficient electrical appliances including LED lighting.



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