Independent Solar Pod

posted on: Feb 07 2020 in Hybrid


The Perfect Power Unit for Small Off Grid Applications

Our latest off grid power solution delivers a standalone, sustainable power solution to locations without a grid connection requiring a constant, low power supply. 

Independent Solar Pod utilises stored solar energy to power loads as and when needed. With a built in monitoring system allowing 24/7 connection it makes the units ideal for remote, unmanned environments such as CCTV sites, air quality monitoring and WiFi extenders.




Find out more from our Hybrid Power team who are experienced with helping businesses find the ideal hybrid power solutions for their off grid project. We have an extensive range of standalone power solutions already in use across the UK and worldwide, including the customers shown below. If you would like further information on this new range or how we can help you with your projects please contact them via the button below or call 01634 290772.




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