Electric Drives - Range Expanded

posted on: Feb 09 2021 in Marine


Electric Drives 48VDC, 4kW - 50kW options now available

Since we first introduced electric drives to our range of marine products we have been delighted to see interest surge from both boat builders and owners. The ability to run silently without emissions is a great attraction both on a personal as well as environmental level.

This year we have increased our power offering with the addition of the Molabo 20 - 50kW.  The compact water cooled motor can be used with a variety of common drives in a range of applications providing the electric propulsion you need for a performance boat or yacht.



The ISCAD V50 by MOLABO is an extremely robust and powerful 48V electric drive. The extra-low voltage is designed to keep drive systems safe in any situation, and also to be easy to maintain. Available as a stand-alone,and as a complete drive system, the 50 kW drive is suitable for yachts up to 55 feet and motorboats up to 35 feet (depending on weight).



Designed to work equally well in conversions or new builds the drive has 4350 rpm, similar to a combustion engine. When converting a boat from combustion to electric, the existing engine can easily be replaced by the ISCAD V50 without any major modifications.


WaterWorld electric drives have been a huge success since we first started specifiying them in 2018. Designed to replace small diesel motors in boats up to 15 metres and larger canal craft. The electric engines offer a direct replacement for a traditional diesel engine both in size and cost. 



Perfect for narrowboats, small coastal craft and inland waterway fleets that are looking to reduce both noise and emissions the motors offer an efficient and reliable electric alternative.  The motors are a proven and tested option for fleet operators and private owners.



Choosing the right electric engine

We understand that every boat is different, a sleek and lightweight boat for example will be much more efficient than a bulky and heavy one. Also, the waters that you sail are important. Sheltered waters and short distances may warrant the use of a less powerful engine than one sailing great distances on open waters. Please take a look at the ranges we have available and contact us to talk about your specific projects.


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