DNV-GL Certification for MG Energy Systems’ RS Battery System

posted on: Aug 11 2020 in Marine


As UK distributor of MG Energy System batteries, Energy Solutions are pleased to announce that their high-performance RS battery system has passed all the comprehensive tests for the DNV GL type approval. As a result, the DNV GL certificate is officially signed on the 10th of July.

The RS battery system complies with DNV GL rules for classification ships, offshore units, high speed and light crafts. The RS battery system is accepted for installation on all vessels that require DNV GL classification.


Product description

MG’s RS battery system is a liquid cooled lithium-ion battery-based energy storage system (ESS) for use in battery-powered or hybrid vessels and off-shore units. The battery system is designed according to design option 1 – no thermal runaway propagation between cells within a module –  with a unique propagation protection system (PPS).

The battery system is ready for installation with integrated off-gas duct. The system consists of four variants of MG RS battery modules and two variants of the MG master HV battery management system (Master BMS).



Series and parallel configuration

One single RS battery module consists of up to 48 battery cells. Each individual RS battery module contains its own slave and redundant BMS. The battery modules can be connected in series or in parallel to meet the required system voltage and capacity. The possible voltage range for a single string is from 44 Vdc up to 900 Vdc. When larger battery banks are needed, multiple strings can be connected in parallel to increase the capacity.


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