An Electric Conversion for Quiet, Reliable Cruising

posted on: Oct 06 2020 in Marine


Case Study – Henley Tech, Waterworld electric motors

Steve Hoile of Henley Technical Services specialises in converting boats from petrol or diesel to electric propulsion with numerous retrofits undertaken with clients wanting a quiet, clean alternative to a traditional diesel engine.

One such vessel is Tarbes II;  a 38ft classic wooden gentleman’s launch currently being refurbished at Michael Dennett Boatyard in Chertsey. Steve has been involved in the project since the beginning and has worked closely with the owner to ensure the right system is delivered to meet their boating needs.



Explains Steve: “The owner will be using the boat for day cruising on the Upper Thames and my key consideration is always to ensure there is no “range- anxiety” whilst owners are out and about enjoying their journey. The 10kW WaterWorld motor combined with a substantial battery pack will deliver both range and plenty of extra power for manoeuvring and emergency stops.  The owner will be able to cruise for 8 – 10 hours a day at just under the Upper Thames speed limit of 8kmh, with no concerns at all.” 



On board the motor has been placed beneath a small dining area, the 48V battery bank is split in the rear cabin and will become part of the seating area. The finished result will be a stunningly quiet and elegant launch.


Energy Solutions are the UK distributor of Waterworld motors which are available in 4k, 10kW & 15kW options. 



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